Accept instant, fraud-proof payments from Flexa using your app, website, or point-of-sale.

Simple acceptance options

Our seamless Connect plug-ins make it easy to start taking Flexa.

Available now

Accept Flexa in stores with Connect for NCR.

Flexa’s deep integration with NCR payment systems makes it possible to accept Flexa on many different NCR POS terminals and on any POS integrated with the NCR Connected Payments gateway. For information about how you can enable Flexa on your NCR payment infrastructure, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Connect team.

Available now

Accept Flexa in stores and on the web with Connect for Aurus.

Flexa’s integration with AurusPay® makes it simple to accept Flexa payments through Aurus’s unified payments platform. To learn more about enabling Flexa for in-store and online payments through your existing AurusPay interface, reach out to our Connect team or contact your Aurus account representative.

Available this summer

Accept Flexa on the web with Connect for Shopify.

The Flexa Connect plug-in for Shopify enables you to accept Flexa’s fraud-proof payments on your website with just a few minutes of effort. Our Shopify plug-in is currently in beta testing and will be available later this summer. If you’re interested in assisting with testing, fill out our brief survey and a team member will get in touch.

Custom platforms for developers

The Connect API and SDK extend Flexa compatibility even further.

Available now

Accept Flexa on any POS with the Connect API.

The Flexa Connect API powers the Connect plug-ins and SDK, and offers the greatest degree of flexibility for connecting directly to Flexa payment services. As such, it’s most suitable for integration by payment providers or merchants with custom infrastructure. If you operate a payment processor or middleware provider and would like to enable Flexa for your customers, please get in touch.

Available this summer

Accept Flexa in your app with the Connect SDK.

For merchants looking to enable digital asset payments from their mobile apps, compatibility with non-custodial wallets can be a challenge. The Flexa Connect SDK bridges the gap between mobile checkout and Flexa-enabled apps to provide seamless payment experiences for your customers while maintaining the fast and fraud-proof nature of payments on the Flexa network.

Ready to get started with Flexa payments?

Flexa in-store payments are available now, and we’re currently testing online acceptance with a limited group of merchants. To join the network, fill out our quick survey and a team member will be in touch.

Get better payments

Looking to discuss custom integrations?

At Flexa, we pride ourselves on finding ways to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology. Reach out to a team member to learn more about additional integration options that may be available.

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