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Our developer platforms are designed to deliver seamless payments from any app and enable people to spend their digital assets quickly and easily.

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The Flexa Payments platform provides turnkey digital currency acceptance for merchants in stores, in apps, online, and everywhere else.

Enable digital currency acceptance through an engaging, intuitive interface that supports a dozen of the most popular blockchain networks and more than 99 different digital assets. Provide your customers with the simplest, fastest payments experience via our lightweight Payment Links API for omni-channel acceptance or our drop-in Payments SDK for mobile checkout.

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The Spend SDK unlocks digital assets for spending from any digital wallet app.

Now, any app can easily provide the fastest, easiest digital payments experience to its users—whether on-chain or off—including instant flexcode payments at the more than 40,000 merchant locations on Flexa. The Spend SDK provides drop-in scanning and spending functionality for iOS and Android wallets with just a few lines of code.

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The Spend SDK is currently in beta testing with a small group of app developers. To apply for access, fill out our short survey—we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready for you.

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